How Hot Tubs Help Sporting Injury Recovery

It’s so frustrating. You’ve devised an exercise plan to get you to the peak of fitness and training is going well. Your fitness is slowly improving week by week, then wham – you’re hit by some type of injury which completely knocks your training off schedule. It’s happened to the best of people including top sportsmen and women, but the difference is that they have access to any number of qualified sports therapists to get them back on their feet.

So, just what are your options to get you moving again quickly?

Sporting Injury Recovery

Well in some circumstances, depending on your injury, then rest may be the best treatment and a few days away from your chosen sport may be the answer. If the injury is muscular, then massage may help followed by some time off and ultrasound can also be beneficial in the recovery from certain injuries. Of course lots of injuries respond well to some form of heat therapy, and for this reason the use of hot tubs is sometimes recommended. With their therapeutic massage jets and warm water, then they can help your body relax and reduce the pain you are feeling. Hot tubs can also help by reducing pressure on your joints with the buoyancy they offer, and because the warm water makes blood vessels dilate, this increases blood circulation which in turn will speed up recovery time.

However if your injury is much more serious, then a visit to your doctor may be the best thing to diagnose the problem. You may have twisted or strained your ankle or knee joint, in which case your treatment may consist of some form of bandage or support to immobilise the joint. Once again, this type of injury can benefit from a few sessions in a hot tub in order to increase the blood flow to the injured area and get you back to training quickly.