Horse Racing Rules

Wondering how to bet and how many types there are in horse racing? The trading techniques of horse racing are unlike those of ordinary betting. Gambling Betting System brings you the basics of Horse Racing Rules.

Here’s how:

The main objective of betting on horses is to baffle the ‘Odds Compilers’ or the ‘Oddsmakers’ and make a profit. Also, placing a bet on your fave event makes it exciting and enjoyable.

Betting in horse racing is done through Bookmakers in the UK and Sportsbooks or Sports books in the US, the registered entities that accept your bets. You can bet on the outcome of horse races as well as several sporting events.

If you have to place a bet, go to a physical or online sportsbook. You may also bet over the phone with a number of sportsbooks. Remember a sportsbook is not quite the same as an oddsmaker. The sports book only accepts sports bets; an oddsmaker is a person who determines the betting odds.

State what you are betting on by making a selection of the amount you are wagering and the kind of bet. Your choice will of course depend on the odds offered; so you will prefer examining the range of odds available before making a decision.

Some sportsbooks offer more betting varieties and better combinations the rest.

Common Horse Racing Bets

Straight/Single/Win bet The simplest and commonest bet, placed on a winner at given odds. You collect only if your chosen horse is the first to finish the line.

You collect this wager if your selected horse finishes first or second.

The 3rd horse across the finish line. A wager to show means you collect if your selected horse finishes within the first 3 ranks.

Combination Bet
Combinations cover from 2 to 4 horses to win in a chosen order.

Pick 3
Here, the player picks the winners of 3 consecutive races. Some tracks have a rolling pick 3 which occurs when the player must pick 3 races in a row. This continues for the next three races.

Pick 6
The player selects the winner of 6 consecutive races of the pick six before the first race. In some tracks, the pick six is placed as the first six, middle six, or the last six races. Others have carry over pools for pick 6 that grow up to $ 1 million.

Quiniela/Reverse Forecast (UK)
Placed on the horses that finish first and second in either order.

Perfecta/Exacta/Straight Forecast (UK)
Placed on 2 horses provided they cross the finish line in the chosen order.

Trifecta/Tricast/Treble Forecast (UK)
Placed on 3 horses to cross the finish line in exact chosen order. Superfecta is a bet placed on 4 horses to cross the finish line in the exact chosen order.

Other common terms are Daily Double, Jackpot, Parlay or Accumulator, Future, Exotic Bets and the Proposition/Prop Bet.