Who Is Going To Win The NBA This Year?

The NBA off season is finally ending, the rumours and discussions regarding the new season are finally upon us and predictions are already being made. The start of an NBA season is always exciting; however, this year is starting to feel extra special due to the squads that have been assembled this year and we are certainly expecting competition to be fierce, but who is going to claim the Championship come the end of the season.

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The heavy favourites going into the season this year, which is due to start in a couple of years, are the Brooklyn Nets who are currently priced at +240. The reasoning behind them being favourites for the championship this year is quite simple, they have the best squad in the league. James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving make up the best squad on the roster by a mile, and if the Nets can keep them injury free during the playoffs this year, which they struggled with last year, but if they can then we believe that they will run away with the title this year. Read more

Sports Betting: A Novice’s Guide

Just like casinos, sports betting has enjoyed a rich history as a form of entertainment. It is so loved because the feeling of winning is hard to recreate from other activities, and so the industry has seen steady growth in recent years. This can be attributed to the popularity of sports, which is unlikely to ever decline. Consequently, the popularity of sports betting is ever likely to fall, and in fact, it is growing. One only must look to the US, a country that has been historically against gambling, and how many states have now legalised sports betting. Those who have always wanted to get into it might be confused about where to start, so they must have the right information to get into the scene.

Sports betting is a form of gambling typically reserved for sports lovers, and while those who are not interested in sport can, of course, play, it begs the question of why they would at all? These types of people are more suited to casino play, casinos that are offering these options, and those who like sports such as football or rugby will feel at home with sports betting. This is because of the inherent advantage they will receive; even a basic understanding of a sport and the teams in a league can prove pivotal when it comes to placing a bet. Read more

‘In Running’ Betting

‘In running’ betting is one of the big advantages of spread betting. It’s fascinating watching a sporting event unfold and seeing how the event’s ‘spreads’ for different bets change second by second or point by point -depending upon what is or isn’t happening.

The big benefit of ‘in running’ betting is that you can get in or out of a bet during the course of the event, tournament or season – taking profits or cutting any losses at the right time. Read more

The US Masters Event Represents a Great Betting Opportunity

Golf betting is profitable, but most people really don’t think about it. If you want to get your feet wet with an event that’s going to be watched by millions all over the world, you have to check out the US Masters event. This is where golf’s biggest stars will come out to play. The purse for the event is huge, which means that competition will be fierce.

The reason why we suggest the US Masters is simple: since it’s a major event, there will be plenty of action in the markets. You always want to go with a big event because the pool of money to be won will grow bigger. Small events bring smaller pools of money, and weak odds. Big events bring good odds because there are plenty of people that want to win the money. Make sense?

Moving on…

You will find plenty of sportsbooks that will open markets on the US Masters, even if they don’t do a lot of golf events. This is because they know that people want to bet on them, and it means profit for them. You just need to find the sportsbook that you feel will treat you the best. The biggest names in the field will have similar policies; including voiding your bet if somebody has to drop out of the Masters. Golf injuries don’t happen as much, but they can still happen. Golf is just as hard on the body as tennis, even though people don’t expect that to be the case. Bonus hunting is a great thing to do if you’ve never had an account at the sportsbook that you’re interested in. Once you’re a member, you’ll qualify for other promotions that pop up all the time. Some sportsbooks will even tie promotions around big time events. You just need to hit up their website for the details.

As far as the bets go, make sure that you keep it simple. If you don’t know much about golf, we suggest that you look at the performance of players and start betting from there. Avoid the fancier bets until you have a better understanding of all of the subtle nuances of the game.

Golf is one of those markets that interests players through the entire season, not just the Masters. Check it out for yourself today — you won’t regret it!

Selling or Buying? In-Running, Arbitrage, Finding Value, Low Volatility /High Volatility, Trading Talk

Every punter is always looking for a value bet, but what exactly is value?

Well the definition of value is when the odds or spread are greater than the true chance of the player/team/horse. For example, getting 5/1 for a horse in a race where all four runners are roughly the same standard. However many tips you might pick up from other people, sports websites or Racing Post articles – there is nothing to beat actually watching how the spreads change over the course of an event or match. Only by watching and learning how the spreads move can we spread bet successfully.

1. Selling or Buying?

Human nature dictates that if you watch sport you want things to happen. You want lots of goals, tries, wickets, runs, etc. We don’t watch a football match hoping for a 0-0 or a rugby match hoping for no tries!

The spread companies are obviously well aware of this and adjust their spreads accordingly, sometimes setting spreads slightly higher than the statistics suggest in the knowledge that people prefer to buy rather than sell.

With this in mind, our advice would be to consider selling, although it can be quite painful willing both football teams NOT to score in a match or the England cricket team to start losing wickets!

In most instances, if you are selling then you will be starting with a profit. Time does seem to drag, but it can be very profitable if you are able to hold your nerve!

2. In-Running (Click for a full explanation)

We’ve made the mistake several times (perhaps more than several), in the past of being influenced by a brief flurry of events in a match and have jumped on the bandwagon. Tempers get flared early in a football match and we’ve jumped in and bought bookings only to see the game calm down immediately and we’ve lost heavily, or the loss of 2 or 3 very quick key wickets and we’ve waded in selling runs only to see a record seventh wicket partnership! The point is, be careful. The spread firms are watching the same game as you and will adjust their spreads according to what’s happening, often by more than they should, in anticipation of people trading on what they have seen.

3. Arbitrage

The spread firms hate ‘Arbs’, but if you’re on the ball you can make money without the match or event even starting! To do this you will need to have more than one spread betting account and money is made by selling/buying with one firm and then doing the reverse with another. For example, Bookings, Man Utd v Man City. Sporting Index offer an initial spread of 42 -46, whilst Spreadex quote 48 -52. By buying for £10 per point with Sporting at 46 and selling at £10 per point with Spreadex at 48 you are guaranteed to win £20 regardless of the result! You’ll have to be quick to make money this way if its an event in running that you need to make money in this way, but if you’re alert and have done your research and have more than one account, you can be successful.

4. Finding Value

It is always worth having more than one account simply to get the best value. Generally all the firms are pretty consistent with prices, but let’s say you’re planning to buy England runs in a test match for £5 per run.

The 4 firms are offering:

a.305 – 320
b.310 – 325
c.300 – 315
d 310 – 325

Clearly there is no arbitrage profit here as the lowest price to buy is 315, but the highest price to sell is 310. However, if you only have 1 account you may be buying at 325, when you could be getting the same bet at 315. At £5 per point that’s £50 before you even start!
Conversely, if you were selling, you would want to be selling at 310 rather than 300.

5. Sporting Index Trading Talk & Spreadex Sportsblog

These are views from the trading floors at Sporting Index & Spreadex – previews of big events written by the traders themselves. They have access to stats that might be hard to find for the average punter like us, so take good notice of what they say – it may save you a small fortune!